Geometric Salt Lamp

These beautiful geometric salt lamps function in diverse geometric shapes to match any decor theme! Infuse any room of your private home with a warm, amber glow at the same time as including a lovely focal factor and communication piece. Whether you opt for the smooth traces of a cube, or the smooth, whimsical appearance of a globe, you’re positive to discover the suitable Himalayan Salt lamp to fit your fashion in our collection. These specific lighting fixtures capabilities additionally make ideal presents for unique occasions. Enjoy the warm, enjoyable glow and aesthetic splendor of those specific, useful works of art! Each of our hand-carved salt lamps are made from Himalayan Salt crystal, growing lovely, specific lighting fixtures capabilities. Infuse your private home with an aesthetically appealing glow via way of means of putting one or greater of those fascinating lamps in any room! Each piece is nicely hand-carved to keep the specific, natural look of Himalayan rock salt, geometric salt lamps are a device for the rest of all-natural salt made hundreds of years old. Salt lamps additionally include a few clinical benefits. 

Himalayan salt bowl
Himalayan salt lamp on wooden background

Himalayan salt lamps are to be had in extraordinary geometrical shapes like cubic, triangle, hexagon pyramids, etc., They also can be made to be had in extraordinary sizes and weights. The presence of this sort of rocky item offers your environment an appealingly lovely and soothing impact and an extraordinary room layout experience.

These geometrically formed lamps upload perfection whilst positioned to your office. The lamp will soothe the surroundings and decrease electromagnetic pollutants produced via way of means of computer systems or different electric powered gadgets to your office. The recuperation orange mild of the salt lamp will offer a chilling impact and the air might be purified, casting off all of the contaminants. If you are interested in enhancing your universal well-being, you could need to get a salt lamp.

Geometric Salt Lamps are available in different sizes and shapes.

Serial NumberArticle CodeShape
612AR-SL12Globe Cut
613AR-SL13Christmas Tree
617AR-SL17Round Flower Bread
619AR-SL19Horse - Book Let
620AR-SL20Horse - Head


  • Size, weight & packing can be produced
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

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