Salt Lamps

Salt lamps, in general, are composed of bigger hunks of mined Himalayan salt crystals with mostly wooden bases. In order to light the entire lamp up, it has a heat source in the form of a light bulb located inside the crystal.

The chemical composition of the salt consists of 98% sodium chloride, which is known as common table salt and 2% polyhalite, which is a hydrated infusion of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
The color that comes from the crystals is due to the iron oxide traces present in the salt. Brighter reds mean the salt lamp contains greater amounts of iron oxides.

Himalayan salts are edible, and they are often used in cooking, but they are mainly used to make salt lamps. It is believed that the salt lamp can help purify air and improve moods and well being due to the negative ions that are released once the lamp is lit and sufficiently heated. Other than it’s therapeutic claims, it also serves as a beautiful accent, and it’s light provides ambiance to your dwelling or office.

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Serial NumberArticle CodeSize
601AR-SL01size: 1 - 2 kg
602AR-SL02size: 2 - 3kg
603AR-SL03size: 3 - 4kg
604AR-SL04size: 4 - 6kg
605AR-SL05size: 6 - 9kg
606AR-SL06size: 9 - 12kg
607AR-SL07size: 12 - 18kg
608AR-SL08size: 18 - 24kg
609AR-SL09size: 24 - 30kg
610AR-SL10size: 30 - 40kg
611AR-SL11size: 40 - 50kg
Serial NumberArticle CodeShape
612AR-SL12Globe Cut
613AR-SL13Christmas Tree
617AR-SL17Round Flower Bread
619AR-SL19Horse - Book Let
620AR-SL20Horse - Head