Salt Soap

The Himalayan Salt Crystal Soap bar is a healthier alternative than the alum stone. Salt soap bar are best for Removing dull, dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin. Our Himalayan salt soap helps to thoroughly clean skin pores, allowing your skin to breathe easier. It stimulates blood circulation and removes daily toxins from your skin. These 100% natural and pure soap stones help to regenerate new skin, and keep it looking younger. It furthermore strengthens and firms the skin tissues

These salt soap bars are purely natural and safe. Without adding any preservatives these bath salt bars are made from natural chunks of ancient Himalayan crystallized salt, just cut into different shapes of soap and unlike the alum (aluminum) stones, they are not processed in any way. Our Himalayan salt soap bars can be used on all parts of body as they contain no perfumes, alcohol or aluminum.

Himalayan salt soap
Himalayan salt soap bar

This soap stone can be used on wet skin and it leaves an invisible layer of protection that helps prevent odor causing bacteria from forming. It leaves you feeling fresh and clean, but will not clog up your pores. AR Salt’s salt bars can also be used as soap for cleansing our bodies from bacteria.

How to Use
Wash and dry the area to be covered. Wet salt soap stone and wipe over the required area thoroughly. Glide salt bar or press gently against your skin. Do not rub or use the way a traditional soap bar is rubbed against the body. The stone may break if dropped onto a hard surface such as a washbasin or bathtub.
Dry the stone and place it in a suitable receptacle.

Please remember, the salt soap stone may break if dropped onto a hard surface such as a washbasin, so stand away from vanity units when applying.

Himalayan Salt Soap available in different sizes and shapes.

Serial NumberArticle CodeNameSize
301AR-BS01Deo Stick 
302AR-BS02Soap - Cake Shape (Life Buoy)9x3 cm
303AR-BS03Soap - Cake Shape (Imperial)9x3 cm
304AR-BS04Soap - Heart Shape4x5 cm
305AR-BS05Soap - Egg Shape4x5 cm
306AR-BS06Salt Balls Dia.30 mm
307AR-BS07Salt Balls Dia.50 mm
308AR-BS08Salt Plate20 cm
309AR-BS09Himalayan Salt Coarse - Light Pink2-5mm
310AR-BS10Himalayan Salt Coarse - Light Pink1-2mm
311AR-BS11Himalayan Salt Coarse - Regular Pink2-5mm
312AR-BS12Himalayan Salt Coarse - Regular Pink1-2mm
313AR-BS13Himalayan Salt Coarse - Dark Pink2-5mm
314AR-BS14Himalayan Salt Coarse - Dark Pink1-2mm
315AR-BS15Crystal Salt Chunks - Pink2 - 5 cm
316AR-BS16Cotton Cushion - Round20 x 20 cm
317AR-BS17Cotton Cushion - Square20 x 20 cm
318AR-BS18Cotton Bag - Medium20 x 25 cm
319AR-BS19Cotton Cushion - Large20 x 45 cm
320AR-BS20Aroma Tea Light Natural1.5-2.0 Kgs

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