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AR International has be­en crafting, marketing, and shipping top-tier Himalayan Pink Salt products across the­ globe since 1983. Proudly the original Himalayan pink salt exporters in Pakistan of this authentic, high-class salt, we stand behind its quality and authe­nticity. Clients trust us to give them the best because we never accept for less. AR International is a trusted Himalayan edible pink salt exporter. Our high-quality Himalayan rock salt products will make your cooking better. More than 80 countries are among the places we do business, which shows how dedicated we are to quality control and on-time deliveries.

We’re happy that over 400 businesses worldwide accept us as friends. As long as we follow international standards, we aim to provide cutting-edge salt goods at all stages of production, from mining to making to selling them. As the top Himalayan Rock salt supplier, we strive to offer high-quality salt items at prices that align with the market. We do this for suppliers, companies, and wholesalers all the time. For the best Himalayan Pink Salt experience, please use our many choices to make and pack the salt in bulk. AR International is the biggest Himalayan pink salt manufacturer in Pakistan that makes Himalayan pink salt. One grain at a time, it’s ready to show the rest of the world its rich history and good luck.

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Advantages of AR International Himalayan Pink Salt ​

Advantages of AR International Himalayan Pink Salt

This pink salt is packed with mine­rals. Consider calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. These­ are key for maintaining a balance in our body’s fluids and ions. This salt has 1.6 mg of calcium, 2.8 mg of potassium, 1.06 mg of magnesium, and 368 mg of sodium for every sodium. Hematite Pink Salt is great for everyday meals. It supports digestion, keeps electrolyte balance, improves heart health, helps with breathing problems, improves skin health, builds bones, keeps the body’s pH balance, and lowers blood pressure.

What Should We Put In Our Himalayan Rock Salt Products?


Edible Salt

Mined by hand edible salt Himalayan rock salt is the best salt that hasn't been treated because it has 84 trace minerals.


Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salt can help you heal and feel better. It cleans out the body and gives it vitamins.

Lick-Salt (1)

Animals Licking Salts

There are 84 minerals in animal tongue salts that are good for all animals' health and growth.

salt candle holder


With their soft, warm glow, pure, hand-carved aromatherapy salt lamps can help you find the right moment.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

These lamps are made from Himalayan rock salt. Their warm glow makes the room look nice and cleans the air.

salt candle holder

Salt Candle Holder

Salt blocks from the shop are the best if you want to cook healthily. They can be used in food and are good for you in the same way that pure salt is.

Salt-Culinary (1)

Salt Culinary

Salt blocks are the best choice for healthy cooking. They have the same health advantages as pure salt and are beneficial in cooking.

Salt Room

With their soft, warm glow, pure, hand-carved aromatherapy salt lamps can help you find the right moment.


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You can count on us to meet your needs because we have happy customers in more than 80 countries.

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We Help With Making Food.

We are a real Himalayan pink salt supplier to the food production industry around the world.


Feature Part

Send Himalayan pink salt to different businesses so they can use it as an important ingredient in making different goods.



We sell large amounts of edible Himalayan pink salt to the food service industry to help with making a lot of food and making fancy food.

Why You Choose Us?


Quality Guaranteed

As a salt dealer in Pakistan, we only sell the best products. Our skilled workers and cutting-edge processing unit allow us to meet international quality control standards.


Fast Order Processing

We offer our valued customers this service because one of our main skills is getting things done quickly. We do what we say we will do.


Price Competitiveness

You'll be able to get a bigger share of the Himalayan pink salt market because our prices are low.

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