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Four Decades of Giving the World Salt's Potential: Providing Himalayan Pink Salt Goods and Making them

AR International® has been making, supplying, and exporting high-quality Himalayan Pink Salt goods since 1983. We are the first company to offer guaranteed quality and authenticity in Himalayan Pink Salt. Because we never settle for less than the best, people trust us to provide the best Discover purity with ARInternational, your trusted Himalayan Pink Salt supplier. Elevate your culinary experience with our premium salt offerings. goods. Our global reach, which includes more than 80 countries, shows how committed we are to quality control and on-time supplies.

We’re proud to have become friends that over 400 businesses around the world trust. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge salt goods throughout the whole production process, which includes mining, making, and distributing them, all while following international standards. As the best Himalayan Rock salt supplier, our goal is to provide top-notch salt goods at prices that are competitive with the market. We do this for brands, wholesalers, and suppliers alike.

For the best Himalayan Pink Salt experience, please take advantage of our wide range of production options and bulk packaging options. We also offer full private labeling services that are suited to the needs of our valued clients and the people they want to reach

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Himalayan Rock Salt Products


Edible Salt

Hand-mined Himalayan rock salt for food has 84 trace minerals and is the best salt that has not been processed.


Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salt can help with mending and therapy. It gives the body vitamins and cleans it out.

Lick-Salt (1)

Animals Licking Salts

Animal licking salts are good for all animals' health and growth because they have 84 minerals in them.

salt candle holder


With their soft, warm glow, pure, hand-carved aromatherapy salt lamps can help you find the right moment.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Made from rock salt from the Himalayas, these lamps clean the air and make the room look nice with their warm glow.

salt candle holder

Salt Candle Holder

When cooking for health, salt blocks from a store are best. They are useful in cooking and have the same health benefits as pure salt.

Salt-Culinary (1)

Salt Culinary

Salt blocks are best for healthy cooking. They offer many culinary uses & provide the benefits of pure salt.

Salt Room

With their soft, warm glow, pure, hand-carved aromatherapy salt lamps can help you find the right moment.


The best partner for food preparation, retail, and brand-name businesses

You can count on us to meet your needs because we have happy customers in more than 80 countries.

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Industries We Serve


We Help With Making Food.

We are a real Himalayan salt supplier to the food production industry around the world.


Feature Part

Send Himalayan salt to different businesses so they can use it as an important ingredient in making different goods.



We sell large amounts of edible Himalayan salt to the food service industry to help with making a lot of food and making fancy food.

Why Pick Us?


Quality Guaranteed

We only sell goods of the best quality. We were able to follow international quality control standards thanks to our skilled workers and state-of-the-art processing unit.


Fast Order Processing

One of our main skills is going through orders quickly, which is something we offer our valued customers. We deliver what we said we would.


Price Competitiveness

Because our prices are affordable, you'll be able to get a bigger piece of the Himalayan crystal salt market.

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