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Animals, particularly pets and dairy cows, have the trait of requiring salt. It is everything except a crucial mineral to make their body work properly. Nevertheless, heartbreakingly, the prerequisite for Animal lick salt is routinely overlooked, achieving hunger and negatively impacting immune and regenerative systems.

Some animals in salt springs or salt stores in nature are additionally called regular salt licks. They take the principal supplements they need from licking salts.

Himalayan pink salt is an optimal improvement to stay aware of changed feeding and mineral characteristics in Animals and cows. It has every one of the enhancements that Animals need at all life stages. Along these lines, ranchers in various countries use animal lick salt for horses and other tame animals as an answer for seemingly forever.

Importance of Salt Lick Blocks for Animals

Salt comprises sodium and chloride, yet it also contains other fundamental minor elements like calcium, magnesium, selenium, and phosphorus. These minerals are significant for the sound advancement of creatures.

 Sodium, for example, balances the pH levels in the blood. Chlorine, then again, balances the corrosive levels in the body and helps absorption.

Also, one of the minor elements, calcium in salt, is essential for solid bone and teeth advancement in lactating cows and nursing calves. It additionally has other significant capacities, for example

  • Milk creation
  • Muscle development
  • Keeping a customary heartbeat
  • Blood thickening
  • Properly working sensory system

Signs of Salt Deficiency

When creatures don’t take the necessary measure of the required salt, the deficiency can be seen by specific signs. A portion of the indications of salt insufficiency in creatures are

  • Loss of craving
  • Utilization of soil, rock, compost, and wood
  • Deficiency of weight

Animal Lick Salt have Two Types

Natural Lick Salt
compressed lick salt block
Compressed Lick Salt

Effects of Salt deficiency

There are a lot of effects of salt deficiency in animals. Some are discussed below.

Milk Fever

The first indications of milk fever can show themselves as they become incapable of standing in quite a while. A cow with milk fever might have a brought down internal heat levels. The justification for this is that a lactating cow encountering calcium inadequacy begins to utilize a more significant amount of the calcium in the cow’s body to deliver milk than the cow now has. To forestall this, vets usually endorse a calcium salt in gel structure.


Rickets in calcium-inadequate calves demonstrated relaxed bone in the beginning phases of bone turn of events. In the later stages, it can prompt issues in the development and abnormal development.

 Magnesium Deficiency

One more response to the inquiry, “for what reason do creatures need salt?” is the requirement for magnesium. Magnesium inadequacy in cows might cause grass tetany. This infection is regularly deadly, but magnesium intake through salt licks can cure it.


What creatures eat is a significant determiner of their requirement for salt utilization. A creature takes care of incorporate a changing measure of salt. In this way, the extra salt need might vary as per the eating regimen of animals.


Creatures burn through a great deal of water. Water intake might shift depending on the body size and the climate; cows, for instance, can drink 3 to 30 gallons of water each day. The salt grouping of water can compensate for the salt necessities of creatures.


Lactating cows require more salt in their eating routine. As the lactating cows utilize the current sodium, calcium, and chloride for delivering milk for the calf, they need a more significant amount of these minerals in their eating routine. Cows can get all the required minerals through salt.

How to Give Salt to Animals

You can add extra salt to the creatures’ eating regimen to help their development, advancement, and milk yield.

Salt Lick blocks are exceptionally down-to-earth and proficient arrangements alternative for regular salt intake. Additionally, we can give salt to animals in granular structures too. Creature taking care of salt in delicate designs is blended with creature feed to help their eating routine and mineral intake.

 Salt Lick blocks are large and hung over the ground to keep away from soil and set someplace creatures can come and lick.

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