Industrial Sea Salt

AR International guarantees that all relevant worldwide standards for current use are given. That premium sea salt exceeds client needs. Our modern industrial sea salt products developed especially for assembly find application at AR International. Investigate the different classes of contemporary sea salt within our control.

Fine Grain Sea Salt (Table Salt)​

Fine Grain Sea Salt (Table Salt)

Natural minerals abound in our fine-grain sea salt—table salt. Its delicate texture fits perfectly with our pink Himalayan bath salt to accentuate your kitchen basics. Carefully, we hand-harvest industrial sea salt from Himalayan rock salt farms. Our Industrial Sea Salt suppliers keep their natural flavour for your gastronomic pleasure. Industrial sea salt accentuates the natural taste of your ingredients, whether cooking great sweets or just flavouring a light salad.
Depending on your needs, we may package this Himalayan salt in massive sacks holding one ton, 25 kg, or 50 kg and design it using the mesh or grain size you need. We will happily meet your needs for a tailored mesh and grain size. Right now, improve your cooking experiences with our outstanding fine-grain sea salt.

Coarse Grain Sea Salt

Our Coarse-grain sea Salt will be the finest choice if you want a crunchier surface. Industrial Sea Salt manufacturers carefully gather and treat their goods to preserve the inherent flavour of this culinary gem. Because of their larger crystals, coarse sea salt has a more appealing crunch ability. Industrial sea salt ultimately becomes a delicious and aesthetically appealing garnish for any meal. Coarse sea salt is perfect for grilling, roasting, and those last touches that elevate your meals. Its big crystals provide every meal with a nice, pleasant crunch.

Coarse Grain Sea Salt​